John Oliver Is Surprised Dustin Hoffman Didn’t Expect Harassment Questions

It’ s not unexpected that John Oliver faced Dustin Hoffman about unwanted sexual advances claims versus the star at a 20th anniversary panel for “ Wag the Dog ” in 2015. The 1997 movie itself is about the burying of a sex scandal.

It appears the only individual unprepared for the concern was Hoffman.

“ That was a case of doing a favor for that charity and the ’ Wag the Dog ’ screening, then seeming like I needed to bring it up, ” Oliver discussed throughout a round table conversation with press for his HBO program “ Last Week Tonight ” on Monday. “ It was kind of like an internal barometer once again? I simply felt it would’ ve been really strange not to bring it up.”

While moderating the panel benefitting the Tribeca Film Institute, Oliver questioned Hoffman about the star’ s apology following accusations he pestered a 17-year-old intern on the set of the 1985 TELEVISION film, “ Death of a Salesman.”

Hoffman stated his habits wasn’ t “ reflective ” of who he is, which Oliver stated seemed like a “ police out.When the panel conversation turned into a heated exchange, ” That ’ s.

The star supposedly felt blindsided by Oliver’ s questioning. And Oliver still doesn’ t comprehend why.

“ I was shocked that he showed up in the very first location, ” stated Oliver.

“ The Gotham Film Awards were the previous week, and they hadn’ t done red carpet interviews, so it seemed like he must’ ve know that he was going to need to response to this the next time he responsed to anything, ” Oliver stated. “ And then I ’ m staggered if he truthfully believed I wasn’ t going to bring it up. I wear ’ t understand how little he would need to consider me to believe that I wouldn ’ t bring that up. ”

Essentially, stated Oliver, whoever wound up speaking openly with Hoffman had a duty to raise the claims. That individual simply ended up being Oliver.

He does not, nevertheless, believe he did a much better task of questioning Hoffman than a reporter, including, “ I need to think many people would’ ve asked him about it, and after that the only factor the discussion kept going was that his actions were quite bad.”

Oliver stated he wished to get Hoffman to a point of “ self-reflection ” to restore something from their exchange, however it “ didn ’ t occur. ”

Following the panel conversation, Oliver faced his reasonable share of critics, consisting of Alec Baldwin , who stated late-night hosts are acting excessive like “ grand juries. ”

On Monday, we indicated Baldwin’ s remarks and asked Oliver if he felt a duty to deal with particular subjects in the news.

Speaking about “ Last Week Tonight, ” he stated, “ I think it seems like if there ’ s a specific aberration that has actually happened, whether it’ s like a Charlottesville remark or something … it seems like we need to resolve it at the top of the program since to not resolve it would nearly appear like an editorial choice. ”

But there ’ s one problem the comic is completely great letting others deal with: the famous “ Trump pee tape . ” When asked whether the “ Last Week Tonight ” group is close to finding the supposed tape, Oliver responded:

We ’ re not that close. I ’d play it for you on my phone right now if I had it. Yeah, I put on ’ t understand. I will state we ’ ve not been looking. I believe there are other individuals that actually must be doing that.

That ’ s simply one possible leakage he ’ s not touching.

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