John Oliver Opens Up About Confronting Dustin Hoffman: I Was Surprised That He Showed Up

When Last Week Tonight host John Oliver questioned Dustin Hoffman in December about sexual misbehavior claims that were made versus him, the exchange lasted an unbearable 20 minutes as Hoffman haughtily dismissed the significance of the concerns at a Q&A commemorating the anniversary of Wag the Dog.

Was Oliver amazed by Hoffman’s response?

” I was shocked that he appeared in the very first location,” Oliver states, speaking with a little space of press promoting the 5th season of Last Week Tonight, which releases Sunday night on HBO.

Oliver’s questioning occurred at a Tribeca Film panel commemorating the 20th anniversary of Wag the Dog that took place to occur in the wake of claims that Hoffman had actually searched and made improper remarks to a 17-year-old intern on the 1985 set of the TELEVISION motion picture Death of a Salesman.

” This is something we’re going to need to speak about because … it’s awaiting the air,” Oliver stated , bring up the discussion at the time.

Hoffman was plainly troubled that the scandal was raised, informing Oliver, “It’s awaiting the air?” Hoffman stated. “From a couple of things you’ve checked out, you’ve made an unbelievable presumption about me,” he kept in mind, including sardonically, “You’ve made the case much better than anybody else can. I’m guilty.”


The exchange got testier as Oliver chose not to let Hoffman’s termination of the questioning lie and carry on, specifically when Hoffman worried that the accusation was “not reflective of” who he was– a response that Oliver ruled inadequate.

” It’s’ not reflective of who I am ‘– it’s that sort of reaction to this things that pisses me off,” Oliver stated.” It is reflective of who you were. , if you’ve provided no proof to reveal it didn’t [ occur] There was a duration of time for a while when you were a climber around females. It seems like a cop-out to state,’ It wasn’t me. ‘Do you comprehend how that seems like a termination?”

Hoffman then implicated Oliver of” putting me on screen “and blindsiding him with the conversation in the very first location.

In the after-effects of the exchange, which rapidly went viral, Oliver was at the same time commemorated for holding Hoffman’s feet to the fire and slammed for prosecuting the subject throughout exactly what was expected to be a softball event of Hoffman’s movie work. Alec Baldwin, for one, blasted Oliver on Twitter for presumably violating his bounds as a talk-show host, stating programs like his are “starting to look like grand juries.”

In the weeks following the controversial Q&A, 5 brand-new accusations of sexual misbehavior emerged versus Hoffman, consisting of that he had actually disrobed and exposed himself to a 16-year-old buddy of his child which he had actually masturbated in front of a various lady when she was 15.

So the concern now is exactly what led Oliver to pursue the line of questioning in the very first location. He’s consistently dismissed the concept that he’s a reporter , yet he plainly felt a particular journalistic duty when he was offered the chance to talk with Hoffman.

” That was a case of doing a favor for that charity at the Wag the Dog screening, then seeming like I needed to bring it up,” he states. “We simply seemed like it would be really odd not to bring it up due to the fact that it was Wag the Dog, a story about burying unwanted sexual advances and the power that features that. It appeared to me extremely, extremely strange not to bring it up.”

Oliver’s shock that Hoffman appeared for the Q&A comes from that Hoffman had not done any press in the weeks given that the claims went public, choosing to even avoid the red carpet when he was honored at the Gotham Film Awards the week prior.

” It seemed like he needs to’ve understood that he was going to need to solution to this the next time he responded to anything,” Oliver states. “I’m staggered if he truthfully believed I would not bring it up. I have no idea how little he would need to consider me to believe I would not bring that up. That’s quite insulting.”

As for the presumption that, with minutes like this Hoffman interview and particularly in the context of the investigative sections of his HBO program, Oliver is blurring the line in between comic and reporter, Oliver still differs with the concept.

” I do not see it that method at all. Because narrow example, I believe it’s simply the very first individual who was going to need to speak with him was going to need to ask him the very first concerns about that. Regrettably that was me,” he states. If it wasn’t it was going to be somebody else.”

But while it’s real that other reporters would have brought it up, there was something impressive about the method Oliver pushed Hoffman on the concern, choosing not to let him get away with dismissing it or with providing pat, worthless reactions. It would not be a stretch to hypothesize that the majority of reporters would not have actually been as unrelenting in their follow-ups.

” I have no idea if that holds true,” he states. “I need to think that the majority of people would have asked him about it. The only factor the discussion kept going was since his actions were quite bad. I wish to aim to get him to a point of self-reflection, to aim to get something from the discussion at all, however that didn’t occur. I do not believe there was anything especially exceptional about exactly what I was asking. I believe a great deal of things were quite dispiriting about how he was reacting.”

So, did Hoffman state anything to him after the occasion?

” He stated, it was an actually enjoyable night!” Oliver jokes, hardly efficient in keeping a straight face. “No, naturally he didn’t.”