We Tried To Hatch These Four Eggs Bought On Ebay And This Is How The Events Unfolded

We survive on a farm, and around came the time of year where we hatch out chickens to change any that we lost the previous year.

Usually we source the hatching eggs in your area, however this year we chose to inspect eBay for the eggs and we found emu hatching eggs. Naturally, we were really curious and started looking into about raising emus.

In the end, we chose that a set of emus would be perfect, so we purchased 4 eggs given that the seller had them noted as about 50% fertility opportunity.

And that’ s how Paul ’ s story begins.

Emu egg vs chicken egg

The volume of an emu egg is approximately 14 times that of a routine chicken egg.

Unfortunately just one of the eggs was fertile. Here is an image of the only emu that hatched. We didn’ t understand whether she would endure due to the fact that she was really weak and needed to be assisted of her shell.

I can’ t assistance however believe that perhaps we got the hatching procedure incorrect and perhaps it’ s our fault we didn ’ t have 2 healthy chicks however we attempted our finest and did a lot of research study, a minimum of we got one chick.

Anyway, a week later on and the chick looks better! We chose to call her Paul soon prior to finding that she is most likely a female however the name stuck.

This has to do with 2 weeks after she hatched. We needed to drive down south for a couple of days however there was nobody house to take care of Paul so we took her with us. The journey was really unpleasant however was an amusing one to state the least!

Here Paul has to do with 6 weeks old, you can see her child plumes are beginning to vanish on her neck and you can almost construct her ear holes now.

There’ s a huge dive here due to the fact that I returned to university for a number of months. Her charming stripes have actually gone off her head and neck and her back plumes are starting to turn darker.

I believed this would be the last picture I got of Paul

Shortly after the previous picture was taken she got an extremely bad bacterial infection which she handled to conceal from us for a long period of time.

Suddenly one night she might barely wasn and stroll’ t consuming or drinking anything. This picture is from the 2nd time we took her to the veterinarian; the very first time we took her we believed she was simply a bit even worse for wear however fortunately among our regional veterinarians utilized to deal with ostriches in South Africa so he understood a reasonable quantity about big birds. Anyhow, the veterinarian informed us simply how bad the scenario was which it was not likely she would make it. I took this image due to the fact that I truthfully believed she’d die at the veterinarians.

We’ re extremely grateful to our veterinarians, they didn’ t charge us a cent for their time, just for the products they utilized, due to the fact that they delighted in dealing with Paul a lot. We’ re not precisely solvent at the minute so we were truly moved when they offered us the expense.

And here she is looking much healthier! It took about 2 weeks for her to overcome her disease however she didn’ t appear to grow at all because time.

She invests a great deal of her days with our chickens. I believe she’ s most likely having an id — uncertain if she’ s a chicken, a pet, or an individual.

Present day — you can see that her head and neck are starting to turn blue. She’ s nearly at her biggest now however will keep growing for another year still.

Sorry for the bad quality on this one, however it was too excellent to neglect!


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