Snapchat now has cat lenses. (Yes, for your cat.)

It’s 8:00 PM on Friday night and you’re house alone and currently intoxicated. Oh, is that simply me? Well no matter. Snapchat has actually made lenses for your feline now. Yes, that’s. Your feline! This is what the web is produced, good friends. Not all that phony news and trolling. Not needing to check out tweets where individuals utilize words like “woke” unironically. Feline lenses!

So technically, I think, Snapchat included the capability to acknowledge things in your images last November , like food, sports, and even animals, then recommend suitable filters like a sticker label that states” IT’S A PAWTY” above an image of a pet.

But now you can put a set of matching glasses on yourself and your feline.

Or offer you and your feline rainbow unicorn horns.

Or provide Mr. Fluffypants some huge ol’ googley eyes.

Or put a piece of toast over his face, that makes him look even less entertained than typical.

What the real f ***

You can even provide you and cat huge, fat lips as you kissy deal with the electronic camera.

You can be the angel, whilethe feline gets devil wings and horns, as is naturally, suitable.

I indicate, this might or might not resolve Snap’s long list of issues , like its hurried redesign, the mess that’s Snapchat Discover, its failure to bring in adult users, falling share rate, and ooooh, all that loan it’s bleeding.( $ 353M last quarter! )

And that Saudi loan , do not forget that!( No, seriously, do not .)

But I suggest, c’mon. C’MON.

Internet, we deserve this.

This is what 2018 requirements.

Cat lenses.

Cat lenses to make whatever much better.

Cat lenses, and this here consume .

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