Don’t Talk To Lewis Black About Scooters! He Hates Them!

Lewis Black doesn’ t desire anything to do with scooters and community scooter-sharing programs . That’ s what he stated on “ The Daily Show, ” and it seems like he suggested it.

First, Black stated, he navigates by parkour. Second, there are no docks for the scooters.

“ People simply leave them lying around anywhere for the next individual to discover them, ” Black stated, regreting an issue that cities have actually likewise had with stationless bikes . “ That’ s not sharing. That ’ s cluttering! ”

“ Hey, how about I introduce a pet poop sharing app? I ’ m not leaving my canine shit on the walkway. I’ m sharing it with the neighborhood, ” he quipped.

Black likewise discussed the scooter hate pattern, calling it “ timeless civil disobedience.”

Check out the video above to see Black’ s preferred option to the scooter issue.


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