This is what it looks like right now in North Carolina, where Florence is leaving a mess

(CNN)After a night of downpour, ravaging wind and hazardous storm rises, the damage that Florence , now a hurricane, gave the Carolina coast is just now beginning to completely expose itself. Here’s how things look up until now.

A downed tree obstructs a street in Wilmington after being rooted out by Florence’s strong winds.

Rescue employees assist a lady and her canine leave their flooded house in James City.

      High winds and storm rise from the cyclone struck Swansboro, North Carolina, flexing and rooting out trees and flooding streets.

      Structures, such as this one in Swansboro, collapsed as the storm rise and cyclone force winds whipped through the location.

      In this picture, resident Russ Lewis covers his eyes from a gust of wind and a blast of sand as Hurricane Florence approached Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

      With rain pounding non-stop, the streets were deserted.

      Earlier Friday early morning, the New Bern Police Department pressed out a tweet revealing water saves in the city. Ratings of individuals still wait for rescue there.

      Members of the Boone County Fire Rescue group look for residents of a house in Bolivia, North Carolina.

      A mom and her baby passed away in Wilmington when a tree fell throughout the storm. The dad was carried to a healthcare facility.

      Volunteers rescue citizens and their family pets from their flooded houses in New Bern.

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