Father Illustrates The Friendship Between His Tiny Baby And Giant Dog And The Comics Are Adorable

Being a new parent can be extremely tiring, but new father, Nate Anderson found his baby boy to be the endless source of creative inspiration. His webcomic series ‘Boy & Dog’ chronicles the hilarious adventures of his son, Rowan, and their family’s dog.

Anderson told Bored Panda the idea for the comic strip came after the birth of his son last year. “My life was changed by this wiggly, squishy boy that filled my home with laughter and poop. The animals didn’t know what to think of him at first, but my Golden Retriever, Murphy, decided that he was pretty cool,” he said, “Rowan loves the dog and would squeal with delight whenever Murphy was around him. I started to draw the comics to show what I imagined in my head was transpiring between them.”

His Boy & Dog illustrations include conversations, hijinks and even some crude jokes between dog and baby. “Everything is new for the boy, and I imagined that it was the dog’s duty to teach him all about the world from a dog’s point of view,” explained Anderson.

This is not the artist’s first time trying his hand at a webcomic. Anderson’s first series was called “Quackyboys” and featured him and his college roommates having “wacky adventures,” but eventually died off when they moved on. A college drop-out after freshman year, he said he is largely self-taught, “I was already working as a professional Illustrator/Designer at the time, and I feel that I learned more working in the industry than I ever did in school with very uninspiring instructors.”

While his comics are quite eccentric, Anderson admitted he’s not very good at talking to people and uses his talent to communicate, “My comics give me the ability to tell funny stories and make people laugh with silly gags. I like making people happy. I like making people laugh. Unfortunately, I’m a little socially awkward so this is a better platform for my jokes.”

Inspired by artist Glen Keane, he said he loves traditional hand-drawn animation, “I am a huge Disney nerd and when I get into a slump, watching one of the movies he worked on gets me drawing again. Disney’s Tarzan has been a huge influence in my desire to animate.” As for his own work, he creates each comic entirely on Photoshop from rough layout, sketching, linework, coloring, and dialog.

For Anderson, his overall goal is to spread some laughter and joy to his viewers, “I know I’m not the only one who deals with baby problems and dog problems, so if I can get people to relate to my goofy drawings and have a chuckle then I will consider myself successful.”

New comic strips for Dog & Baby are released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on his website. Scroll down below to see some samples from this adorable series and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

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#2 A Good Set Of Chompers Make Chomping Things Much More Fun

#3 Rowan Doesn’t Move Too Great At This Point. He Really Tries Though

#4 This. All Day. Every Day

#5 I Don’t Move Fast Enough Sometimes.

#6 By This Definition, I Am Also A Dog

#7 To Say That Murphy Loves Walks Would Be An Understatement. It’s More Of An Obsession

#8 I Went To The Hospital With My Wife And All I Got Was This Wiggley Burrito

#9 Why Don’t They Make Adult Sized Jumpers Like That? I Need One To Replace My Computer Chair

#10 This Boy Is Always Eating. I Am Living My Dreams Vicariously Through Him

#12 Murphy Is A 90 Pound Lap Dog. At Least He Thinks He Is

#13 Lick All The Things. Result: All The Things Now Belong To You

#14 The Cat Has Been Bringing All The Bugs (Still Alive) Into The House. He’s Quite Proud

#15 The Next Few Comics Will Contain One Of The Stories That I Have Made Up And Told To Rowan. Proof That I Should Never Be Allowed To Influence Children In Any Way

#16 Scooches Are The New Hot Item

#17 Chewing Is So Much More Work Than Just Drinking Everything

#18 We Have Had Many Deep Conversations With Rowan Over A Juicy Meal. Many Conversations

#19 Like Bringing A Squirt Gun To A Fire Hose Fight

#20 Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bum!

#22 Snot Removal Is Best Accomplished With 3000 Pounds Of Sucking Force

#23 How Else Are You Supposed To Learn About New Stuff?

#24 This Hasn’t Happened… Yet. I’m Not Removing It From The Realm Of Possibility Though

#25 Always With The Licking. Every Surface Of My Home Have Been Touched By This Dogs Slobber Dispenser

#26 Stop Hitting Yourself. Stop Hitting Yourself. Stop Hitting Yourself

#27 Murphy Doesn’t Care About His Food. I Don’t Understand How He Is A Dog. He Eventually Eats His Food… When He Gets Around To It

#28 The Real Challenge Is To Hold The Toots Until The Right Pose.

#29 How Am I Supposed To Watch This Baby If He Keeps Moving Around? Solution: Duct Tape

#30 Grass Is Pretty Great.

#32 If Only There Was A Market For Baby Drool, I’d Be Above The Poverty Line

#33 He’s Having A Hard Time Drinking Because He Can’t Breathe Through His Nose. Much Screaming Ensues

#34 Murphy Has Reserved Seating Under The High Chair. He Offers Helpful Eating Advice To Rowan.

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