Republicans who accept Trump’s endorsement are validating his misconduct

(CNN)Donald Trump suggested throughout that 2016 governmental project that if a prospect accepts the recommendation of a political figure, that prospect needs to then address for the wrongs of the individual backing them. Trump informed us as much in December 2015 after Hillary Clinton revealed that Bill Clinton would be requiring to the project path to assist her run for the White House.

In reaction, Trump tweeted , “Hillary Clinton has actually revealed that she is letting her other half out to project however HE’S DEMONSTRATED A PENCHANT FOR SEXISM, so unsuitable!”
It’s just reasonable to use Trump’s own guideline to each and every single Republican that Trump backs and projects on behalf of in this year’s election and beyond. Trump would not desire one set of guidelines to use to the Clintons and another to himself, ideal?! (Stop laughing.)
      But all giggling aside, Trump makes a legitimate point. If prospects do freely accept the recommendation of a widely known political leader, it’s definitely reasonable to ask those prospects where they disagree and concur with that political figure when it pertains to policy concerns.
      For example, if a progressive Democrat running for Congress campaigned and accepted the recommendation along with a political leader who was understood for opposing a female’s right to pick or wished to rescind the Affordable Care Act, the general public and the media would naturally ask the prospect for a response to how can she or he accept the recommendation of somebody with such a various view on these substantive problems.

      Shouldn’t prospects be hired to address for the luggage of anyone who is out on the project path with them? That info might certainly impact the method individuals vote.
      So with Trump pledging to project “6 or 7 days a week” to assist Republicans who are secured a “hard race,” here are some recommended concerns for the general public and the media to ask every GOP prospect who accepts Trump’s recommendation:
      1. After the August 2017 white nationalist march in Charlottesville, Virginia, Trump infamously stated that there were some “extremely great individuals” amongst the group. Do you concur that individuals who march in addition to those who uphold racist and anti-Semitic views are “great individuals”?
      2. Do you share Trump’s view that the media are the “ opponent of individuals ” or that “ Islam dislikes us “?
      3. In 2017, after Trump’s previous White House assistant Rob Porter was implicated of being violent to his 2 ex-wives, and regardless of photo proof of the supposed abuse, Trump openly applauded Porter yet revealed neither assistance nor compassion for the 2 females. Porter rejected these accusations however left the White House over the debate. Not till a week after Porter’s resignation did Trump state that he is “completely opposed to domestic violence.” Does this conduct by Trump disgust you, or do you excuse it?
      4. Do you concur with the remarks Trump has made to gin up worry about undocumented Mexican immigrants, describing some as rapists ?
      5. Trump backed Roy Moore in the Alabama race for SENATE in December in spite of claims that Moore sexually abused teenage women, one as young as 14. Are you comfy being backed by the very same male who backed Moore?

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      Voters are worthy of to understand where a prospect bases on the problems. They likewise are entitled to understand the character of individuals seeking their vote. And asking every GOP prospect who accepts Trump’s recommendation if she or he concurs with the President’s history of bigotry, sexism and hate-filled remarks will assist citizens make a notified choice.

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