How the Spongebob Squarepants musical is defying skeptics and racking up awards

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By now, we understand that we in fact do believe some actually sharp ideas in the shower. Exactly what if you could believe those fantastic ideas while likewise listening to “Cut to the Feeling” ?

I when avoided shower music, maybe distressed by a previous roomie’s shower playlist. (In case you were questioning, it was consisted of 4 tunes and 4 tunes just, and among those tunes was by G-Eazy. The playlist never ever altered.)

Now, however, I am a shower music evangelist.

The finest aspect of shower music is that it lets me, an early morning shower-er, intentionally set the tone for the rest of my day. Let’s state, for example, that it’s gross and rainy exterior. I’ll listen to The National or something likewise bleak if I desire to lean into the moist vibes of the outdoors world. (Sorry, I understand.) If I desire to send out a message that’s more “I would choose if this day were great,” I’ll decide for my lord and hero Carly Rae Jepsen, or this Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani tune that I invest all my waking hours believing about.

Then, even if the train is hopelessly postponed and I action in a Mystery Puddle ™ on my method to the workplace, I’ll a minimum of have an enjoyable tune stuck in my head.


As if by magic, your shower will appear less like something you need to do and more like a curated high-end.

But let’s state you choose a night shower. No issue! Attempt among the approximately 6 million Spotify playlists that consist of the word” unwind” in their titles. Place on some jazz. Bear in mind that very first Norah Jones album all of us liked back in 2002? Review it — it’s still excellent. As if by magic, your shower will appear less like something you have to do and more like a curated high-end.

There are other, more useful reasons that shower music is so great. For something, restrooms have the tendency to have respectable acoustics , suggesting your preferred tunes sound more aurally pleasing in there. When you’re in the small box that is your shower, your singing voice gets back at much better — it sounds louder and more resonant when it bounces versus tough tile.

And let’s face it. You’re going to sing in the shower anyhow. Why not include some real music and truly reveal your audience (your toiletries and maybe a loofah) exactly what you’re made from? Plus, singing releases endorphins . I like endorphins!

Of course, there’s a best method and an incorrect method to do shower music. For apparent factors, you can not bring your iPhone into the shower with you, however there are a stunning variety of waterproof and water resistant speakers out there. If you’re fretted about getting up your roomie, think about these cordless earphones , which can be used in the shower.

If you wish to go lo-fi, attempt the old phone-in-a-cup technique . Simply make certain to position the cup in a location where it’s not at threat of falling under the sink. Or even worse, the tub. Or even worse, the toilet.

And I should not need to inform you about the threats of shower dancing. Do not dance in the shower in any method that includes feet motion, or you will slip, fall, and end up being a Life Alert commercial. Unless you get an anti-slip mat (not a bad concept), the shower is a rigorous Torso Dancing Only zone.

Other than that though, you can do shower music nevertheless you desire. To start, make a little starter playlist of 3-4 tunes you feel would boost your shower experience. (Key modifications are constantly a great idea, for the record.) Do not stress about getting the playlist precisely right — you can constantly alter it later on. If you’re stuck, here are a couple of alternatives thanks to my coworkers:

Stay tidy, music fans. A world of shower music awaits you.

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