17 Realistic Cartoon Character Versions By Miguel Vasquez You Wouldnt Want To Meet In Real Life

Miguel Vasquez is a gifted 3D illustrator who enjoys to bring his art as near truth as possible.

He has actually been dealing with our preferred animations for a while now, aiming to reimagine them as genuine people. He takes a widely known character and turns it into weird and in some way troubling variation of an individual, and it would really be scary to satisfy any of them on the street by mishap.

Scroll down and see his remarkable developments on your own!

# 1 Homer Simpson

# 2 Spongebob

# 3 Patrick Star

# 4 Mike Wazowski

# 5 Luigi

# 6 Nigel Thornberry

# 7 Phineas

# 8 Bubblebass

# 9 Ferb

# 10 Demon Joker

# 12 Eddy

# 13 Edd

# 14 Ed

# 15 Courage The Cowardly Dog

# 16 Ed, Edd And Eddy

# 17 Spongebob

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