Blind date: Shes funny, friendly and gorgeous

John, 22, production assistant, fulfills Bridie, 23, nurse

John on Bridie

What were you expecting?
To fulfill somebody brand-new with the exact same interests.

First impressions?
Really favorable. Any pre-match nerves were gone extremely rapidly.

What did you discuss?
We have a comparable taste in music, so we talked a reasonable bit about that.

Any uncomfortable minutes?
I might have spilled an espresso on myself, and I almost dropped the stairs.

Good table good manners?

Best aspect of Bridie?
She’s a very charming individual.

Would you present her to your buddies?

Describe her in 3 words
Amusing, friendly, beautiful.

What do you believe she made from you?
An amusing, awkward, picky eater.

Did you go on someplace?
She took me to a roof bar for a nightcap with an incredible view of London.

And … did you kiss?
When stating farewell, simply a little peck on the cheek.

If you could alter something about the night, exactly what would it be?
She egged me on to call him and ask when I informed Bridie my papa works in a healthcare facility however I wasn’t sure of his task title. Ends up he’s a health care assistant, and he took the mick when I informed him I was out with a nurse.

Marks from 10?

Would you reunite?
Yes, even if it’s simply striking a gig together a long time.

Bridie on Jonathan

What were you wishing for?
Somebody who would make me laugh.

First impressions?
Breaking Irish accent.

What did you speak about?
Non-football fans who enjoy the World Cup, London leasing scary stories and near-death experiences.

Any uncomfortable minutes?
When he understood we were in a vegetarian dining establishment; me asking for a doggy bag, John’s face.

Good table good manners?
He was a real gentleman.

Best feature of John?
He was so simple to speak with, I misplaced time.

Would you present him to your buddies?
He was when a participant on The Chase , so my uni pals would enjoy him.

Describe him in 3 words
Real, relaxed, amusing.

What do you believe he made from you?
That I am consumed with my pet dog; he sat patiently as I scrolled through pictures.

Did you go on someplace?
To a roof bar.

And … did you kiss?

If you could alter something about the night, exactly what would it be?
A couple of more predator alternatives.

Marks from 10?

Would you reunite?
Yes– I believe I have actually discovered my brand-new gig pal.

Bridie and John consumed at Wildflower, London SE15, . Fancy an arranged date? Email If you’re wanting to satisfy somebody similar, see

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