Chris Evans celebrates 100 years of Captain America on 4th of July

Raise a birthday toast to the Cap, commemorating 100 years of kicking ass today.

In the middle of Chris-mas in July , on the very day Americans commemorate Independence (and breathe in an outrageous quantity of hotdogs ), Captain America is commemorating 100 years of battling the excellent battle.

The patriotic Marvel supersoldier likewise referred to as Steve Rogers was honored by his onscreen agent, Chris Evans, on Thursday.

One quarter of the Hollywood Chrises , Evans required to Twitter to commemorate both the 4th of July and a century of the Cap.

” I enjoy this nation and I’m happy of how far we’ve come. Be safe today!” he composed. “Also, Happy Birthday to a great pal of mine. I hear 100 is the brand-new 20.”

So, is July 4 really Captain America’s birthday? If you’re passing the comic, as ScreenRant mentions, Steve Rogers’ birthday is discussed in The Adventures of Captain America # 1 as July 4, 1917. This indicates our Cap would technically be 101 today.

Of course, as the publisher explains, Steve Rogers is technically just 32 years of ages — keep in mind, he was frozen at 25 years of ages in 1943, and was reanimated in 2011.

A Tale of Two of the Chrises: Hemsworth as Thor and Evans as Cap in 2012’s ‘The Avengers.’ LONG AGO.

Image: Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock

But if, like Avengers star Evans, you’re passing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, EW mentions that there’s a scene in 2011’ s Captain America: The First Avenger where you can spy Steve Rogers’ birthdate noted as July 4, 1918 on his Certificate of Acceptability when he’s registering for the army. MCU-wise, that’s 100 years from today.

Folks are commemorating with the Cap on Twitter too.

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