Did the Owl Do It? Behind The Staircase‘s Wildest Theory

As true-crime obsessives already understand, last Friday Netflix dropped The Staircase, a docu-series narrating the 2001 death of Kathleen Peterson and the subsequent murder trial of her spouse, Michael. While the task followed a circuitous and long path to the streaming giant– it initially premiered in the United States on the Sundance Channel in 2005, then got a two-hour follow-up in 2013, all prior to Netflix packaged it together and included some brand-new video– it right away ended up being a word-of-mouth feeling.

If you’ ve binge-watched all 628 minutes, you might be lured to believe that the huge concern is: Did Michael Peterson eliminate his other half, or did Kathleen Peterson drop the stairs? Whenever there'&#x 27; s impassioned interest in a murder case, there are typically alternative theories– and one extremely popular hypothesis that you didn’ t see in Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’ s series presumes that there was a 3rd celebration included in Kathleen’ s death: an owl.

Preposterous? It depends upon who you ask.

The Raptor Motion

“” The very first time I became aware of the Owl Theory I stated to myself, '&#x 27; That &#x 27;” s completely silly! &#x 27;” states de Lestrade, who has actually invested the previous 16 years following Michael Peterson’ s life both in and beyond jail.” But later on, Larry Pollard discussed to me in an extremely reliable method exactly what he believed might have taken place.”

” Larry,” likewise referred to as T. Lawrence Pollard, is a legal representative and previous Peterson next-door neighbor, and the main designer of the Owl Theory. In 2009, Pollard submitted a movement asking for that Peterson’ s conviction be reserved and all charges dismissed or that he be given a brand-new trial based upon the discovery of “” engaging and brand-new proof” “that the genuine offender in Mrs. Peterson'&#x 27; s death was a raptor, or bird of victim. Consisted of in his 40-point movement, Pollard mentioned:

  1. The “” Owl Theory” “was advanced to the Defendant’ s attorneys and the Prosecution at the conclusion of the trial, particularly, that Mrs. Peterson might have been the victim of an attack by a wild bird outside her home, an attack which triggered leak injuries to her elbows, injuries on her face and around her eyes, and lacerations to her scalp. The theory was dismissed at the time on the basis that owls do not assault humans which the theory did not have trustworthiness.

Among the physical proof Pollard thought backed his claim was “” the existence of blood beads on the brick sidewalk and the slate landing outside the house” “as “well as” the presence of plumes connected to Mrs. Peterson'&#x 27; s hair and discovered by the medical inspector clutched in her left hand with new blood.””

In a Netflix reward function (see listed below), Peterson’ s lawyer David Rudolf explains that he thought there sufficed proof to call for more examination into whether an owl might’ ve done it.” The only genuine distinction, if you will, in between our theory at trial and the Owl Theory is the preliminary infliction of the injuries,” “he states.

Testing the Theory

According to Rudolf, the very first time he existed with the theory “” was a day or more prior to the closing, [] I couldn’ t do anything with it.” Had actually the case been retried, Rudolf states he definitely would have dug even more into its plausibility.

“” I talked to Dr. Carla Dove, the chief ornithologist from the Smithsonian Institution in DC, who concurred to do DNA screening on the plumes,” “Rudolf states. Larry Pollard likewise spoke with others, consisting of a neurosurgeon, a teacher of veterinary medication, and Kate P. Davis, executive director of Raptors of the Rockies. (“” All 3 concurred that the injuries on Kathleen’ s scalp followed an owl attack,” “Rudolf states. All 3 likewise supplied Pollard with affidavits.)

In Davis' &#x 27; mind, there ’ s no concern that a raptor was included. Within simply a couple of minutes of getting a call from Sophie Brunet, editor of The Staircase— who ended up being romantically included with Peterson throughout the course of production– Davis performed an easy experiment. She got a metal salad bowl from her kitchen area, covered it with and eighth of an inch of clay, headed out to where her own disallowed owl, Graham, lived, then “ chose her up over my head and dropped her on that salad bowl. ” She took photos of the resulting talon marks and sent them to Sophie, who verified that they matched Kathleen’ s injuries.

When Davis, who has actually had lots of individual experience with talon marks on her own body, saw the pictures of Kathleen ’ s injuries, she concurred that they were a match.” I wager my bottom dollar that Kathleen, after the partying and all that, went outside to move some Christmas designs, the owl struck her in the back of the head, she pulled it off with her hands– [which is how she] got the plumes and poke holes in the side of her face– and dropped it, which’ s why there ’ s blood outside, ” Davis states.

But Davis likewise keeps that the owl wasn'&#x 27; t the direct cause of death. “” She was jeopardized to start with, she’ s strolling up these high stairs, she’ s feeling woozy,” she states of Kathleen Peterson “.” She fell in the staircase two times.””

Yet Daniel George, a now-retired criminal activity scene professional with the Durham City Police Department who was the very first specialist on the scene in 2001, doesn’ t think that there was any fall at all– partially due to the fact that of where the blood was and where the body was. “” There was absolutely nothing up on the actions themselves,” “states George, who just recently stated the experience for An American Murder Mystery: The Staircase, Investigation Discovery'&#x 27; s own unique on the Peterson trial. “” There ’ s 19 actions, however no blood any even more than 5 feet up the actions.””

“” The quantity of blood is truly uncomfortable, yes, however how do you describe the kind of lacerations and cuts she [had]” “asks de Lestrade. “” I put on ’ t understand exactly what took place the night Kathleen Peterson passed away, however I have difficult time thinking that’ s a murder. It is extremely hard to discuss Kathleen Peterson'&#x 27; s injuries if it is a murder.'That &#x 27; s why, today, I think the Owl Theory might be the very best theory to describe exactly what took place to Kathleen.””

Not So Fast

Though owls have actually been understood to swoop and hurt individuals (previously this year, there were at least 3 events in Atlanta), hearing of the Peterson case was the very first time the concept of a “” killer” owl struck ornithologist Dove. “” It ’ s not something I would even consider,” “she states. “” But then someone revealed me a video of an owl assaulting this huge male. I have no concept one method or the other. I’ m not stating I ’ ve ever become aware of it occurring– I definitely sanctuary’ t. I wear ’ t actually understand.”

Though Dove sought advice from both Peterson’ s legal group and the filmmakers of The Staircase, she never ever had an opportunity to analyze the real proof in the event– just images. Which'&#x 27; s insufficient.” When we do the recognition work, we do it from pieces of plumes,” “Dove states. “” We require the fluffy, downy part, which is the fuzzy part at the base.””

The images she saw of the plume samples, however, were undetermined, and couldn'&#x 27; t even point her to a specific taxonomic order of birds, not to mention a narrower group or household. “” We provided to decrease there and go through the proof to see if we might discover more plume pieces,” “she states, “” however it never ever emerged.””

As for whether there might have been an owl present, George confesses that while examining the staircase itself, they did discover “ one product in specific that was possibly a sixteenth of an inch long– it was a curved shape and it looked practically like a mini-talon. We didn’ t understand exactly what it was.”

Yet the product, which was delivered off to the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) to be checked, didn'&#x 27; t have any blood on it.” It might have been a piece of a fingernail, it might have been a pet’ s toe nail, it might have been anything,” “George states. “” It might have been a piece of wood that was on the actions.””

While numerous owl theorists have actually indicated that the injuries to Kathleen’ s head were deep however did not leave her with any much deeper skull or mental retardation– which would be anticipated with the blunt force injury Michael was implicated of causing on his other half– George states they were still “” down to the skull … it definitely didn’ t appear like anything an owl might have done. It practically appeared like it was cut. The medical inspector identified that those lacerations were triggered by a ruthless pounding of blunt force injury to the skull.””

Still, Dove and her group saw enough sensible proof in the picture to accept analyze the proof better. “” We ’ re specialists and we’ ll take a look at anything that’ s sensible,” she states.( Except possibly the time they got a demand to take a look at some angel plumes; “” that was a bit improbable for me,” “she confesses.)

In early March 2017– less than a week after Michael Peterson got in an Alford plea to uncontrolled murder– North Carolina’ s WRAL.com reported that Rudolf had actually submitted a movement to acquire the plume pieces from proof so that they might be sent out on to Dove for additional screening. The loan dried up. “” Once the case was concluded,” “he states,” there was no financing to evaluate the plumes.””

Given all the unpredictability, the most significant concern surrounding The Staircase might in fact be: In more than 10 hours, why did the series not point out such an insane-sounding, however still possible, theory? De Lestrade’ s response is basic: “” I chose to keep it from the movie since it was never ever provided in court. I wished to adhere to Michael Peterson'&#x 27; s judicial journey. I simply wished to provide how the legal system will deal with the case.”

Could there be another plume left in his documentary cap? Hoo understands.

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