Weezer finally covers Toto’s ‘Africa,’ bringing closure to teen fan

On Tuesday early morning, Weezer dropped a cover of Toto’s impressive 1980s anthem (and leading 10 karaoke jam) “Africa” to stream throughout a range of locations or to purchase on iTunes .

But this exceeds simply a neat cover of a popular ’80s tune. No, this specific tune brings to a close an almost six-month-long project by an Ohio teenager to obtain the band to cover “Africa.” The online drive got a cult following , and now it’s all culminated in Tuesday’s release.

The band had a little enjoyable along the method, too. Simply recently, the band dropped a cover of another Toto struck, “Rosanna,” in exactly what appeared was a legendary giant of the continuous “Africa” project. In hindsight, it now feels a lot more like a tease, and we now have 2 Toto covers by Weezer to take pleasure in.

It likewise assists create some good online buzz for Weezer, who will strike the roadway in 2 weeks for a comprehensive summer season trip.

So, given that warm weather condition has (lastly) showed up, there is no factor not to be blasting this from your preferred stereo or gadget that plays music so crank it up and bless the rains.


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