Crocodile eats small dog that spent years chasing it back into river

Luck lastly went out just recently for an adventurous canine in Australia that ended up being understood for consistently chasing after a crocodile back into the Adelaide River.

The pet’s owner states a current video reveals that the croc “did exactly what crocs do.” It consumed the pooch.

Kai Hansen, owner of the terrier, called Pippa, informed Australia’s ABC Radio that the pet was performing her preferred technique for a group of observers at the Goat Island Lodge when the catastrophe took place.

The video, recorded by a viewer, reveals the pet barking consistently while running straight at the huge reptile, prior to the crocodile, unfazed, whips its head back and snatches Pippa in its jaws.

Screams can be heard in the background as the crocodile then retreats into the water with Pippa still in its mouth.

“It was something that had a high possibility of taking place at some point,” Hansen informed a job interviewer.

“It was something that had a high likelihood of taking place at some point.”

– Kai Hansen, owner of Pippa the croc-chasing terrier

Hansen stated he was “ actually unfortunate ” about losing his family pet, however doesn’ t blame the 220-pound, 11-foot-long crocodile for consuming it, the Telegraph reported.

Some social networks users fasted to blame Hansen for permitting the pet to go after crocodiles in the very first location.

“ Could the owner be next? Letting a pet tease the croc puts the pet in preventable risk, ” one user tweeted , while another user just called Hansen a “ dumb pet dog owner .”

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