This Is Why You Shouldn’t Ever Dye Your Pets With Human Hair Dye

It’ s 2018, and wetruly shouldn ’ t need to state this however obviously we have to: please, please wear’ t color your canine with human hair color.


First of all, why are you dying your canine? And second of all, human hair color has chemicals, consisting of bleach, that must be no place near your animal’ s fur or skin.


This has actually been highlighted significantly by the predicament of Violet, a Maltese mix discovered in Florida, who was colored purple with human hair color, leading to lethal injuries, consisting of chemical burns.

Staff from Pinellas County Animal Services (PCAS) in Largo, Florida, discovered the puppy and stated her story in a post on their Facebook page . Caution: the pictures are grim . No, seriously.

When Violet was discovered she was referred to as “ listless and limp ”, her eyes inflamed shut, and with apparent burns to her skin. The personnel offered her discomfort medication and fluids and cleaned off as much of the purple color as they might previously carefully bandaging her up in a rather trendy leopard print plaster and waited to see if she would make it through the night.

When she did they took the next action, shaving her fur to see the genuine damage. To their scary, her skin began sloughing off. The burns to her body from the harmful chemicals were a lot even worse than they anticipated.

Regular human hair color typically consists of components such as hydrogen peroxide and bleach to remove the hair of its natural color. Animals, obviously, are popular for cleaning themselves by licking their fur and skin, so they can accidentally consume these in addition to spread them over their bodies.

After 3 months of more discomfort medication, prescription antibiotics, IV fluids, being anesthetized, skin treatments, scab elimination, several plaster modifications, and fret that she might be completely blinded or her hair might never ever grow back, the last plasters came off and Violet was exposed to be well on the course to healing.

In truth, she’ s been embraced by a household that focuses on “ enhancing ” family pets– utilizing items particularly created for animals, naturally.

Pinellas County Animal Services summed it up quite completely in their post .

“ Pet transformations are terrific — they come out smiling after a brand-new hairstyle, nail trim, perhaps a little bow or bandanna. They smell so great, they feel so soft, and they bound around flaunting. Terrific things, right? ” they composed.


“ [B] ut please do not utilize hair color meant for people to reveal your animal’ s design. Let ’ s all state that together– Do NOT, under any scenarios, utilize hair color planned for people on your animals. Chemicals in hair color are TOXIC triggering a broad range of external injury to your family pet — possible burns, loss of sight and due to the fact that an animal’ s initially impulse is to lick, it can trigger poisoning or internal burns. Simply put on’ t. ”