What This Person Saw On The Highway’s So Bad, It’s Prompting An Investigation

For the majority of animal owners, letting the pet dog tag along on trip can be a pleasure for all those included.

Unfortunately for this chauffeur, his concept of taking his animal for a joyride consisted of leaving him out in the cold. A picture has actually started distributing that includes a pet dog resting on the flatbed trailer hitched to the back of a male’ s SUV has he goes barreling down the highway. After publishing the image on Facebook, individuals throughout the nation began flipping out. When he slowed down to take a photo of the pet dog and his negligent owner, #peeee

Calgary native Ryan Harris was driving next to the car in concern.

He composed on Facebook, “ This person was driving down Stoney path with his canine connected to his flatbed trailer. Share this photo and make this man popular for the incorrect factors since he must not own a canine. ”

Following the viral picture, the event was reported to both the regional cops and the Calgary Humane Society.

While it is prematurely to inform if the chauffeur will be charged for his negligence, a CHS representative thinks that there suffices proof that might cause an animal ruthlessness charge.