Meghan Markle Had To Ditch One Of Her Two Dogs Before Moving To England!

The pooch got screwed

Now that she’s formally engaged to

On Monday, throughout the couple’s very first TELEVISION interview , the thespian exposed Bogart is dealing with good friends, while her Beagle Guy is taking pleasure in the excellent life in the UK!

“Well I have 2 pet dogs that I’ve had for rather a very long time, both my rescue puppies And one is now sticking with really friends and my other little person is – yes he’s in the UK, he’s been here for a while.”

On Tuesday, Prince Harry’s interactions secretary Jason Knauf verified the news stating:

“Bogart is now coping with buddies.”

While bringing both pooches “would have great deals of intricacy to it,” Miz Markle is still really “keen on her pet dogs.”

When word broke out, social networks users had numerous feelings about Bogart’s mistreatment!

One Instagram user composed:

“i believe its horrible leaving among your pet dogs in Canada, specifically to completion of his life.”

Life simply isn’t really reasonable

[Image through Meghan Markle/ Instagram ]