Fire Department Gets Heat For Rescuing Piglets From Barn Fire Only To Grill Them Up As Sausages Months Later

These little piggies were conserved for a later date.

Back in February, officers from the Pewsey Fire Station in the UK conserved 18 piglets and 2 adult pigs from a fire in Wiltshire that set over 2,000 pounds of hay ablaze.

The farm was grateful for the firemens’ courageous service, and wished to state thank you. 6 months later on, supervisor Rachel Rivers gave the pigs back to the officers in the type of sausages!

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The department discovered themselves in another firestorm after publishing about the “wonderful” present on Facebook , sharing an image of the pork items barbequing on the grill.

Animal fans were steamed. PETA mentioned the paradox of the unfortunate rescue, stating the piglets were “no much better off” for getting away the fire, including:

“We’ll be sending out Dorset and Wiltshire Fire andRescue Service packs of vegan sausages so that they can see how simple it is to genuinely be heroes for pigs – by sparing them all suffering.”

Rivers safeguarded the present, stating while the animals were provided a six-month stay of execution after being saved, absolutely nothing might conserve them from their real fate as individuals food.

She discussed to the BBC:

“I provided those animals the very best lifestyle I might ever provide up until the time they go to massacre and they enter into the food cycle. You do feel unfortunate at the end of it however to bring them down for [the firemens] was a great way of stating ‘thank you’.”

The department released an apology for publishing pictures of the BBQ, however didn’t feel too guilty about accepting the present. A station representative stated:

“We can inform no porkies, the sausages were wonderful.”

Sad to think of.

[Image by means of BBC ]