Five days after being cut down to size by Stephen Miller, Jim Acosta still engaged in measuring contest

chose Miller was aNazi, a white supremacist, and/or Hannibal Lecter for notifying Acosta that “The New Colossus,” the poem installed inside the State of Liberty’spedestal in 1903, does not make up main U.S. migration policy. Miller likewise implicated Acosta of revealing his “cosmopolitan predisposition” by presuming that needing immigrants to speak English would restrict the benefit to locals of Australia and Great Britain.

That “cosmopolitan predisposition” fracture need to have resonated throughout the White House press corps, as reporters right away approached doing exactly what it is they do. No, they didn’t appropriate Acosta on his unreasonable claim about who speaks English; rather, they examined Miller, with some firmly insisting “cosmopolitan” was an anti-Semitic canine whistle “an unnerving term secret to an effort by Soviet totalitarian Josef Stalin to purge the culture of dissident voices.”